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Sunlit Farmland, Acrylic Painting on Canvas, 30" x 40" Sold .  Available for commission and prints.  

Night Carnival, Acrylic Painting on Canvas, 16" x 20"

Country Fair night scene with tents, fireworks, ferris wheel, hot air balloons, merry-go-round, clowns, etc.

Country Hills, Acrylic Painting on Board, 8" x 10"

Lazy Afternoon Acrylic Painting 20" x 24" sold

Young boy and his dog enjoying a summer day resting on the dock by the river.            PRINTS AVAILABLE

I choose to paint in my own stylized version of Americana incorporating some elements of realism and folk art. In this way I can transcend the structures and confines of realism.  My technique allows for the use of bright colors, simplicity of form and fine detail as well as diverse subject matter.  I create what I call magic perspective enabling the viewer to observe the scene from many different points at the same time. 

Seaport Town, Acrylic painting 16" x 20"